Mission Statement
We are highly committed to expand HospitalFinder.pk and will regularly update and develop this portal into an absolute virtual health and hospital guide for you in Pakistan.

HospitalFinder.pk is the result of the struggle I personally had to go through to find some relevant and precise information about a hospital in Karachi for myself and the same issue some of my friends had to face in this regard. To my amazement or rather and disappointment, there was no resource on internet that could provide me complete information of any hospital like telephones, time, etc. The more I wasted my time searching for hospital or clinic information, more frustrated I became to discover that there was actually no precise and comprehensive information available at all.

After so many failed attempts, finally I realized that there is no managed information out there and what is available is not clearly and properly accessible for people, thus, I decided to create a portal where people would be able to get all the possible information about any Hospital or Clinic online and it was the movement when the idea of creating HospitalFinder.pk sparked, and now that idea is visible on your computer or mobile screen with comprehensive information about almost all the hospitals located across Pakistan.

The Team

It is evident that I could not do it alone, so I gathered all my close friends who could be a part of this project in some way. As we know, medical emergencies can occur any time and we need precise information on immediate basis. So my friends did realize the need and agreed to start this project.

Now you can browse Pakistan’s largest database for finding Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Stores to get updated Location Map, Timings, Doctors’ Bio, Facilities, etc. of any hospital in Pakistan at HospitalFinder.pk.

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Feedback and Support
HospitalFinder.pk is created by searchers for searchers and this makes your feedback very important for us to further groom it, so we need and love your feedback and support.

You can leave your feedback, queries, suggestions and anything you want to say to us via our Contact Us Page or send email at info@hospitalfinder.pk

If you don’t find your nearby hospital in our database, you can Contact Us with details and we will add it.